At Terminus School of Modern Ballet, our goal is to empower and generate a creative culture of growing artists. It is our desire to inspire, educate, and create a lasting positive impact on our students, while cultivating a deep love and respect for dance in a safe and supportive studio environment.


A school that transforms students, families, communities, and the landscape of dance.


To train students who can dance anywhere and achieve anything.


My daughter started at Terminus School of Modern Ballet in their summer intensive program, and she is now in her second year in the Professional Training Program.  I couldn't be happier with the level of training that she is receiving! Terminus teachers provide a positive environment, encouraging their dancers to grow in all aspects of their artistry.  Grace is flourishing and has grown so much as a dancer in the time that she has been at Terminus!

Kinda Blomberg, PTP PARENT

Terminus has been and continues to be a rewarding and challenging experience for our daughter. She has learned to develop her ballet strengths while working on her technique in a positive supportive environment. The school enables her to focus on the art of diligence and precision in ballet while exploring the more open dance form of contemporary. Terminus teachers foster a place of learning that meets each child at their individual needs in an environment that promotes a positive self image.


When I think of home, I think of a safe place, comfort zone, a happy atmosphere where I can be myself. Terminus checks all of those boxes, and I can confidently say that Terminus School of Modern Ballet is my “home-away-from-home.” As part of the Professional Training Program, I get to learn in a supportive, caring environment six days a week. I love working with creative artists who inspire and encourage me to enhance my technique and surpass my previous limits.


I recently began training with Terminus’ 19/20 Student Program. I can already see the improvement in my technique, flexibility, and movement.  I love to train here because everyone is genuinely supportive and kind.  The training is very rigorous and rewarding.  I always look forward to coming to class and can’t wait to continue as a member of Team Terminus.




AGES  11-14

Professional Training

AGES  14 -18


AGES  14 +


Through a comprehensive dance curriculum, each summer program enriches the unique talents of aspiring young artists. Taught by our distinguished faculty, students will have the opportunity to improve their technical ability while cultivating their artistic voice.


John Welker

Artistic Director

Christine Welker

Education Director

Laura Morton

Student Program Principal

Christian Clark

Heath Gill

Alex Gonzaga

Sarah Hillmer

Tara Lee

Darvensky Louis

Jessica Saund

Rachel Van Buskirk


TMBT’s Protégé Program is an open environment where emerging professional dancers are given the rare opportunity to flourish as individual artists, immersed in all aspects of dance performance.

The Protégé Program serves as a unique avenue for dance artists to move from the academic ballet setting into the professional dance world. Protégés work alongside company members, and experience regular one on one coaching.  This program is devoted to advancing the classical ballet and contemporary dance skill set of emerging artists. They partake in the daily creative process, giving them the opportunity to work with accomplished choreographers in a myriad of dance styles, all to encourage further discovery of their individual artistic voices.


Two cornerstone Atlanta dance organizations, Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre (TMBT) and Dance Canvas are partnering together to create CATALYST. A program that seeks to elevate the beauty, power, and reach of the ballet art form by supporting Black dance students as they advance towards professional careers. CATALYST provides talented Black dance students with high-level technical training, mentorship, and career development – all on full merit-based scholarship.

We are grateful to our generous donors who help us provide student scholarships

Jean Luan McColl, Dana Anderson, Raymond McPhee, Tom & Karen Reed, Beth & Mike Reese, Lindsay & Chris Victor, Angela Wo, Peggy Rogers, Cindy & Robert Lederman, Ginger & Doug Pisik, James Weis
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